Repairing a Mission Workshop Shed Shoulder Strap

I knew the fabric used on the strap was starting to fray from the edge binding and something needed to be done. Either buy a new strap, which is available through Mission Workshop for 50€ or do one myself and take the opportunity to upgrade to a Cobra Buckle (this upgrade is an extra 65€ from Mission Workshop).

Fraying shoulder strap
Fraying Mission Workshop shoulder strap

I bought a second-hand Mission Workshop Shed Messenger bag for 75€. I know how good are these bags as I already own a Sanction backpack and sold quite a bunch of them when I worked for


I never really liked messenger bags therefore never bought one. Except a Freitag F17 Joe I got as a gift but never really used it. Sold it. But as I also sold my T-Level Infinity Rolltop, I need another bag for groceries. The Shed is a 35L Messenger bag, it’s the largest messenger bag from MW. Its dimensions are 51x30x15cm and can be opened/closed the regular way or through a rolltop system. The fabric is some Cordura-like 1000d Nylon with some PVC tarp on the inside for waterproofness. Total weight is 1.6kg.  

Mission Workshop shoulder strap
Mission Workshop shoulder strap


As they built the bag to be used on both shoulders, the strap is detachable. That’s a great idea and that’s the only reason I could imagine making a spare one. The aluminium hardware is nice, the plastic one is from Duraflex. On the scale it is 175g. The padded section is 41x8cm, the security-webbing is around 80cm. There is a triglide at the end of it to manage the extra length. 

Hardware comparison
Hardware comparison


My idea is to make a full new strap, using roughly the same dimensions as the MW strap. Rather than using the aluminium adjustable hardware, I’ll use a Cobra buckle which is heavier with 75gr but I want to have this “full open” option and let’s say it, it’s stylish. I’ll use the rest of the hardware, especially the little square to re-attached the strap to the bag. Also, the free the full-length of the webbing, I add a 50mm D-ring on the Cobra buckle ladder lock.   
All is cut, time to choose the fabric. I’ll go with VX21 X-pac. As I only have my Juki DDL900 a-S, I only used a strong mesh, make all the construction, and fit some foam last. The end result is 180gr so only 5 more grams than the original.

New shoulder strap with Cobra Buckle
New shoulder strap with Cobra Buckle
The webbing and the padded shoulder strap

Sulfites x Beams

I didn’t communicate much about it but now it’s done I can brag a little. Following my presence in different Japanese stores, I had the wonderful opportunity to create a line a 3 pouches for BEAMS. The three clear pouches are of different sizes. One is basically a coin purse and can fit in you hand with its 10x13cm. The second one is a pencil case and the last one consista of a large pouch for toiletries or EDC. As it’s made from translucide cristal, you can easily find what you are searching for. 

They are available online through BEAMS e-shop and also ZOZOTOWN (who also distributes my dyneema sacoches).

Images Copyright : Beams

Sulfites X Schlachthofbronx sacoche

It was probably one of the best surprise of late 2017 when Jakob and Benedikt from Schlachthofbronx contacted me to make a collab. The idea was as simple : a premium merch item. As they already bough some gear from me, it was simple to agree on the materials and main points. With few adjustments, we finally came out with the desired design and opened pre-orders. The first batch sold in 48 hours and was delivered for christmas in Germany mostly. 

It was very exciting to learn about the other destinations with some expected and some less like Australia, USA & Peru. The sacoche was based on a classic Ripstop Dyneema one.
Listen to Schlachthofbronx on Spotify and visit their online store

Lancement de Sulfites Gear

Pochettes 23x17cm en Dyneema (anciennement Cuben Fibre)
Pochettes 23x17cm en Dyneema (anciennement Cuben Fibre)

Pochettes Suflites en Dyneema
Pochettes Sulfites en Dyneema. Cette taille M permet d’y ranger passeport, permis de conduire papier, carte grise, carte d’identité…

Pochettes Sulfites en Tyvek
Pochettes Sulfites en Tyvek

Les trois tailles permettent d'envisager tous les usages de base : porte-monnaie, portefeuille, pochette fourre-tout.
Les trois tailles permettent d’envisager tous les usages de base : porte-monnaie, portefeuille, pochette fourre-tout.

Les premières pochettes sont disponibles sur D’autres vont venir en vx21 et Grid Dyneema. La communication se fera uniquement sur le compte Instagram Sulfites_gear alors suivez-le.

Framebag pour Omnium Cargo XL

Du vélo Cargo au tandem mixte, Matthieu a sauté le pas pour rapprocher son Omnium Cargo XL d’un Hase Pino. J’avais déjà réalisé pour lui un kit complet de bikepacking. Cette fois-ci j’ai fabriqué un framebag qui s’intègre dans le parallélogramme qui n’existe que sur le version XL de l’omnium cargo.

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